About Us


Kumfy Tailz is owned by a Midwestern animal lover. Born and raised in Wisconsin, I grew up in a house that always had a dog. Our first dog was Blondie and later followed by Lady.  My love of animals expanded from the family dog to horses.  Some of my favorite horses over the years have been Taco, Leo, Connie, and Vinnie.  I have always had a passion for making sure my furry children are always well taken care of and this led me to Kumfy Tailz.

The founder of Kumfy Tailz is a passionate Chicagoan, who one day saw a dog shivering on a Chicago street corner while the pet parent was decked out in the newest parka and she figured there must be a better way. A few years later Kumfy Tailz harnesses and coats were born with the added benefit of gel packs to aid in keeping our fur babies cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  

In 2016, I had the opportunity to purchase Kumfy Tailz. We are excited to continue the founder's passion of Redefining Pet Comfort. We are dedicated to finding ways that will allow our furry children to live extraordinary lives.

Keep checking back for new and exciting products and services. I am thrilled to announce our launch of aromatherapy in 2017.  What a great way to offer an alternative to medications during unsettling times.

In 2018 we hope to offer Pet First Aid and CPR training.  Stay tuned for more!!