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I have two Westies that love going to the dog park every day. Elmo doesn’t like cold and Travis doesn’t like the heat. I have solved both problems with one product - Kumfy Tailz’ harness keeps us all happy!. - click here for more testimonials
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Being a native Chicagoan, I know that the extremes of winter and summer weather are as tough on our pets as they are on humans. I’ve dressed my dogs in traditional pet coats and sweaters, but they still shivered and rushed through their walks in the winter cold. I watered them and helped them find shade in the summer, but they still panted and stopped to rest far too often in the heat and humidity of the summer.

My beloved pets weren’t very comfortable, and in some cases they were risking potentially serious conditions like hypothermia and dehydration or heatstroke. Because I am passionate about the safety, health and comfort of my pets, I felt there had to be a better solution!

It seemed clear to me that existing pet clothes didn’t really do the job. Even the best winter pet apparel didn't specifically address canine physiology, and it didn't help at all in the summer. So, drawing on my longtime entrepreneurial experience and my love for our canine companions, I began to research a solution to the problem. I consulted with veterinarians and pet wellness professionals, pet products wholesalers and retailers, and pet apparel manufacturers.

What I learned is that dogs exchange heat in different ways than people, so while it's cute to dress our pets up in human-looking coats and sweaters, these just aren't as effective on dogs as they are on us. Dogs lose or gain most of their heat in the chest and abdominal region (the “core”), so covering their backs and sides doesn’t help them stay warm. Dogs also have a higher body temperature than we do (101°-103°F), so to help regulate body temperature they need more efficient as well as more localized heat protection in the winter than a coat or sweater can provide, and more concentrated cooling in the summer.

Inspired by hot/cold therapy wraps for humans, I developed a better solution: unique warming and cooling pet harnesses and coats, which incorporate patented gel pack technology to deliver heat or cooling where it’s needed most! Kumfy Tailz is the first pet apparel to specifically address canine physiology, and has been developed over a period of two years, in close consultation with Kumfy Tailz' licensed veterinarian adviser, Jennifer Henderson, DVM (Dr. Jen) and a variety of industry professionals.

We are absolutely committed to making quality products, and offering remarkable customer service. Throughout Kumfy Tailz' product design and development cycles, my overriding test has been: "is this what I would want for my dogs?" We've conducted extensive product testing, test marketed the product in a handful of locations throughout Chicago in summer and winter; and we've incorporated all of the feedback into the several evolutions of our prototypes.

Most importantly, our team uses the products ourselves, every day, on our dogs.